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5 Perfect Staple Heels Under $50

Finding the perfect heel can be daunting – especially when you’re spending your hard-earned money to purchase a shoe that needs to work for multiple situations! To get the most wear out of your accessories, it’s always best to buy premium quality products, but that can get very expensive very fast.

This post is about helping you take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect set of heels to work for any occasion – from the office to school to drinks! Make sure to click on the links below each pic to buy these amazing quality heels for under $50 before your size disappears!

The Everyday

zara black heel

Zara High Heel Court Shoe

Every woman needs a pair of staple black heels in a moderate height. They transition seamlessly from day to night, go with any outfit, and are perfect for traveling since the height won’t hurt your feet. These pumps are suede – which stretches a bit and conforms to your foot beautifully. For a more weather-friendly option, find a 3-3.5″ heel in calfskin leather. While they may stretch a tiny bit if they get wet, they’ll be less high-maintenance than suede.

The Pop of Color

H&M heel

H&M Suede Heel

You know you want this shoe. Seriously, who can resist a gorgeous cobalt blue pump like this one?! The “pop of color” heel is on my list of staples because everyone needs the option to jazz up an otherwise neutral outfit if they’re feeling fun. Keep your wardrobe palette in mind when choosing the color or pattern since some might wear a snakeskin or leopard pattern more than a bright, summery tone.

The Classic Neutral

hm suede neutral heel

H&M Suede Khaki Heel

I tend to section my outfits into two distinct looks: relaxed, earthy casuals and fancy monochromatic minimalist looks. I would argue that most of us do this with our outfits. While a black or colored heel is great for more striking, bold looks, the neutral heel is meant to bring a little understated class to any ensemble. I love pairing these heels with other neutrals since the khaki suede makes the entire look appear expensive. If people only know that I paid under $50 for them! 🙂

The Wedge


H&M Suede Wedges

Ahhh the wedge. Everyone’s best friend and go-to walking shoe. While I’ve chosen a variation on my everyday option, you could chose a sandal. However, keep in mind that you’re wanting these staples to be versatile, which means that you can wear them in any situation or weather. Many employers don’t allow employees to wear open-toed shoes and a sandal doesn’t transition into colder temps very well. The awesome thing about a closed-toe wedge is that you can wear them with leggings or stockings when the weather cools down!

The Night Out

zara nighttime heel

Ooooo la la. I love these heels so much. Like the “pop of color” heel, these are meant to show off your fun side! While they may not be as versatile as the rest of the shoes in your wardrobe, they’re a necessity because you can throw them on for a night out or wear them for special occasions. You can choose any color or style you’d like, but I’d suggest going a little higher in the heel – legs for days! – and opting for a metallic sheen in a neutral color. A shoe like this will say that you’re effortlessly fancy. And cool – very cool.

What types of heels do you have in your closet?

Which one of these do you like best?

Let me know in the comments section below! 🙂


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