Summertime Fling

Maybe it’s the summer vibe, but I’m in love with print and color right now!

As someone who typically favors classic, minimalist looks that use a wide array of neutral colors like beige, grey, black, white, khaki, and olive, I felt the urge to catch the summer color bug and put a more vibrant look together.

While this look is undeniably brighter than most of my ensembles, I still wanted to keep it true to my minimalist trend, which I did by following a few simple rules!

  • Party on Top, Business on Bottom: When choosing colorful outfits, if you’re wanting to maintain a minimalist or classic look, then make sure to choose one piece that incorporates color and leave the rest neutral. For this look, I’ve chosen to highlight the top and use neutrals for the skirt, clutch, and heels. Since it’s summer, I’ve gone with a bright neutral and chosen a white midi skirt with unique tailoring. Wherever you put your color, – whether it’s a colorful heel, printed pant, or statement necklace – remember to keep it simple and put your color in one spot and nowhere else.
  • Quality Matters: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – don’t go cheap. Even though this shirt may not be considered a “staple” piece in my otherwise neutral wardrobe, it’s important to remember that even statement pieces can be interchangeable in your closet. For example, I could easily pair this shirt with my favorite pair of J Brand black jeans, a black leather heel, and cream or black blazer for a work-appropriate look. The key to making your pieces versatile is choosing pieces that will have longevity and multiple uses.


  • Go Easy on Accessories: When you’re playing with color and print, it’s always best to keep accessories minimal to avoid looking overdone. Think of your body as a piece of art. You want the eye to be drawn to the focal point of your ensemble, which is my blouse in this case. The rest of my outfit pieces should merely accentuate and compliment the shirt rather than compete with it.
  • Elongate the Legs: Find authentic leather heels in neutral colors that make your legs look longer without calling attention to the shoe itself. The nude heels I’m wearing here are chic and pretty, but they don’t scream for attention. Rather, they give me a little extra height and make all of my 5’4 frame look a little closer to 5’9.


How are you wearing color this summer?

Check out my links below to replicate this look and check out my Instagram for everyday outfit looks!

Abstract Flower Print Shirt / White Pencil Skirt / ASOS Nude Leather Clutch / Nude Leather Heels


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