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How to Rock a Pixie Cut This Summer

If there’s one phrase I’ve heard over and over since cutting my hair short, it’s “Oh, you look amazing but I could never pull that off…”

That, my friends, is a dirty, dirty lie.

Pixie cuts are for big kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks. Did I just date myself with that reference? Probably. Short hairstyles are for women with all different face shapes and sizes, despite what you may think. Ever Googled Ginnifer Goodwin’s edgy pixie or Michelle Williams’ sleek short cut? Both of these women don’t have traditionally petite face shapes but they pull off a fierce pixie. So if you’re one of those self doubters, then remember that it’s just hair and that, if nothing else, a short cut always shows off the most flattering aspects of any face.

If you’re on the fence, there’s no better time than summer to try something completely new and fresh to mix up your outdated Fall/Spring shag! Trust me, pixie girls always get noticed for all the right reasons. Confidence is sexy, and women who are willing to stand out in a crowd by chopping off that flowing mane show that they’re comfortable with who they are.

That being said, let’s look at a few pixie cuts you could try using some of my photos since I’ve tried all lengths and looks! I’ll provide tips for each look on styling products, accessorizing, and makeup tips for accentuating your favorite features to use the pixie cut like a canvas frames a work of art…

pixie long

First up is my go-to grown-out pixie cut. I love piecing out the bangs and telling my hairdresser to use thinning shears to take out weight while leaving the length. For this look, use Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion conditioner and avoid blow-dryers and straighteners like the plague. I’ve used the co-washing method (washing hair only with conditioner, no shampoo) along with no heat for about 18 months now and my hair has never been shinier, healthier, and softer. I typically only add leave-in conditioner and my favorite Theorie Aragan Oil Hair Serum to damp hair for it to turn out like this after it has air-dried. While my hair color is naturally an ash brown, I’ve been dying it with Revlon Colorsilk in Soft Black for around 4 years and have never gotten more compliments on my look. Of all the professional, drugstore, and Sally’s Beauty Supply hair dyes I’ve tried over the years – and I’ve tried LOTS, believe me – I love Revlon Colorsilk best because it’s affordable, leaves my hair extremely soft, and is always true to color.

red coiffed pixie

Feeling feisty? Trying leaving long layers in the hair and creating a chic comb-over or pompadour! I had so much fun with this look because of its versatility. It was long enough on the sides to tuck behind my ears and long enough in the front to brush easily to the side or straight back. Very Scarlett Johansson at the present moment. I used the same conditioning and leave-in routine, although I added a bit more Theorie oil and PhytoMist Color Protect Spray to preserve the color.

I loved being a redhead – my dad is natural ginger – and I started from a light warm brown and hopped over to Sally’s Beauty Supply to mix up both L’Oreal Preference Permanent Hair Color in Red Penny 7.43 and L’Oreal Preference Permanent Hair Color in Burnished Copper 7.4 for the natural copper look I achieved here. To take my brows to this shade, I used NYX Medium Brown Eyebrow Pencil in short, upward motions and layered it with NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Auburn/Red to set it all day. I looked like quite a convincing redhead, if I don’t say so myself!

red lip

If you’re feeling classic, then go with this sleek, elegant pixie cut. While I use the same conditioning products I mentioned above, I also finger comb in Sebastian MicroWeb Fiber cream to damp or dry hair to add some interest and texture to this look since it tends to either poof out or fall flat. Here I also changed my hair color from the black to Revlon Colorsilk in Brown Black to give a slightly less harsh frame around my face. I love this cut so much because it never goes out of style and allows me to make my face and outfits the focus on my look rather than spending countless hours fighting with my hair. To learn how I did my red lip, see my post – The Perfect & Professional Red Lip – where I explain step-by-step how to apply and maintain a red lippie throughout the day

shaved pixie   shaved pixie front

If you’re feeling daring and fabulous, then let me introduce you to the shaved pixie – my fave look for summer. It’s as bold, edgy, and androgynous as you want it to be. The only frustrating thing about this cut is the upkeep! I generally head back to my stylist about every 1.5-2 weeks since my fade grows so quickly that I lose the shaved look. Honestly, though, it’s completely worth the upkeep. With this cut, I tend to wear larger accessories – especially earrings – to femme it up a bit. I am also slightly more dramatic with my makeup since I want to highlight the paradox between a boyish cut and an ultra-feminine face.

Whatever look you want to pull off, all you need is a little confidence to make it work! I hope now you’ll feel more comfortable taking the plunge to a pixie this summer! If you need encouragement or advice, I’m only a click away. 🙂

Want more deets on my makeup, hair, or accessories? 

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  • Reply April Cook May 26, 2016 at 4:46 pm

    You do look amazing with a pixie cut! I like your tip to use thinning shears to lighten things up while keeping the length. Maybe this summer I will be brave enough to cut off my hair. Thanks for the tips and inspiration!

  • Reply Cat August 16, 2015 at 6:01 pm

    I have fine frizzy hair (not wispy and enough hair on my head, just fine hair) I just got an undercut pixie, short with layers top and back (no sideburns) it’s cute, but it’s a frizzball! I’ve used all kinds of good products but still frizzy. My stylists texturized with regular shears and then finished with thinning shears.., are thinning shears to blame for the frizzball look??? Okay they are she doesn’t think so…it makes sense as it created whisps and layered the frizz Help?!!!
    I’ve used styling paste, brilliantine, loads of protectant and moisturizer (all salon-brand names like Karastasse and Bumble) plus shu essence oil… What can fix it?

    • Amanda
      Reply Amanda August 16, 2015 at 6:39 pm

      Hey Cat! Thanks for stopping by! Omg your cut sounds SO awesome but I know frustrating it can be to style a pixie that wasn’t cut correctly for your texture hair! My first question would be what type of look are you going for? Sleek? Volume? Texturized? If you’re looking for sleek, then you’ll want to try incorporating a medium-to-heavy leave-in conditioner in conjunction with an oil to help weigh your hair down and give it a clean, sleek look. Head to your nearest TJ Maxx and look for the Theorie Argan Hair Oil – I believe I have a link to the product in this post. There is typically another Theorie hair oil available at TJ Maxx – Chrysanthemum, I believe – and either one should do the trick. After getting out of the shower, use a quarter-sized dollop of your favorite conditioner – or find a leave-in at TJ Maxx – and spread that evenly with your fingers throughout your hair; add more to the back if you have problems with that portion poofing out. Then add 3-4 pumps of the Theorie oil – or any Moroccan or Argan oil-based product you like – and distribute that evenly throughout your hair. Take a comb and brush the product through your hair, making sure to move the hair in the direction you’d like it to fall for the day. Let that dry a bit while doing your makeup, then take a dollop of Sebastian Micro-Web Fiber Texturizer – there’s link to that product at the Ulta website in this post, too – and distribute that evenly throughout your hair. I love this product infinitely more than paste and pomades! Move it around and get it where you’d like it to fall for the day, making sure to press certain poofy areas flat against the head as you work the product through. That should do the trick! Another tip is to transition your hair into co-washing, which is basically just washing your hair exclusively with conditioner. I find my hair gets extremely poofy if I use any shampoo. Some inexpensive conditioner options I really like are the Ever-Pure Always Smooth Conditioner and the Keratin Smoothing Conditioner by Suave Professionals. If these techniques don’t work, then go back to your stylist and ask for him/her to take more “weight” out of your hair while maintaining the length. Most stylists will know what to do – hopefully! 😛 I hope this helped, girl! Let me know if you need any more tips!

  • Reply MIRJAM July 21, 2015 at 5:59 am

    You look so good with that pixie cut – it is like made for you! Unfortunately a have very curly hair and to cut it off is no possibility (imagine all that effort with a straightening iron every morning…).
    bisou, Mirjam

    • Amanda
      Reply Amanda July 21, 2015 at 1:21 pm

      Oh no, Mirjam! That would be really tough! I love your hair length, though. It’s really flattering on your face shape! I remember when I tried curly extensions a few months ago that it was SO frustrating to deal with. I had to use certain products to bring out the curls and it was always at least 40 minutes of prep every morning! Thanks for stopping by, girl! 😀

  • Reply Andrea May 30, 2015 at 6:10 am

    you ROCK the pixie look! I have been toying with the idea for a long time now but am too much of a baby to cut my long hair that short! My hair is super long right now and I want something really different, and the thought flashed through my mind but now reading about your fabulous hair is making me want to do it!! i love each length and you just look so fierce, feminine and chic!! thanks for the inspiration! xo

    • Amanda Rico
      Reply Amanda Rico May 30, 2015 at 5:03 pm

      Thanks so much, Andrea! It was a huge plunge for me initially but I’m pretty sure that once you get a pixie, you never go back! Lol 🙂 What I love most is only needing to spend about five minutes or less styling it before running out the door in the morning. It’s great because a pixie always looks styled without having to take all the time. Whatever look you pick, you would rock! 😀

    Leave a Reply