• académique

    How to Land a Volunteer/ Internship Position

    Whew, so the past few weeks the been brutally busy. After much soul searching and research, research, and more research, I have finally decided to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector…

  • maman

    Why The ‘Terrible Twos’ Are Kinda Fun

    So although her second birthday isn’t until next month, lately my little girl has been in the throes of what is generally called ‘The Terrible Twos.’ She cries uncontrollably over basically everything,…

  • DSC_7308
    la mode

    My 4 Favorite Signature Scents

    After last week’s post I’m ready to talk about something a little less…well, stressful. I don’t know about you but I love finding new and exciting perfumes. It’s my favorite way to…

  • 13402192_248231408882738_1472480747_n

    Why I’m Quitting Academia

    OK, so let me just preface this post by saying that yes, I will be finishing my PhD. But after that defense is done, I’m outie. And yes, it’s incredibly frustrating and…

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    How to Resolve the Post-Doc Dilemma

    If you’re pursuing a post-grad degree – especially one based in the Humanities – I expect you’ve heard that infuriating question: “So what are you gonna do with that?” Most of the time…

  • 056

    Off-the-Shoulder Chic

      Ah, summer… I’m loving how you can mix off-the-shoulder looks with more dressed-up pieces to create the perfect chic-yet-weather-appropriate looks for the season! That’s why when eShakti asked if I would review one…

  • 11372129_1452389041737653_608997691_n

    On Raising a Multilingual Baby

    Ok, so before you get the idea that “Amanda thinks she’s so cool trying to raise her daughter to be multilingual…” I’d like to say that I know next to nothing about…

  • IMG_1404


    Monochromatic looks are in. I mean really in. Almost every store I’ve shopped at lately is putting their own spin on the monochromatic palette by putting out black and white pieces with…

  • shoe collage
    la mode

    5 Perfect Staple Heels Under $50

    Finding the perfect heel can be daunting – especially when you’re spending your hard-earned money to purchase a shoe that needs to work for multiple situations! To get the most wear out…

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    3 Tips for Surviving a Graduate Research Assistantship

    So you’ve committed to a research assistantship – yay, work! Completing a research assistantship under a professor in your chosen field can be very rewarding and beneficial – especially if that person…